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GoalKards Support

The GoalKards Promise of Value

At GoalKards we are committed to providing families with the highest level of value. Our company is dedicated to developing the very best products and services to help parents and kids succeed with our solutions. We go to great lengths to ensure that you have the best experiences from everything we do—ensuring that our offerings are simple, smart, and flexible for you. Our team is always listening and looking for ways to improve. If you have a concern or suggestion, we'd love to hear from you.

The GoalKards Money-back Guarantee

If at any time you are dissatisfied with your subscription, contact us to help resolve the problem. If we can't help you we will refund your purchase price in full.

Options for Assistance

Need help? Got a question or suggestion? We're here to serve you. Feel free to:

  • Browse our FAQs
  • Check out our self-help Knowledge Base
  • Email us at Support Request
  • Call us at 800-960-4118, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Central, Sat 9am to 2pm Central.

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