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  1. Page not displaying?
  2. Password Issues?

Page not displaying?

If your Gadget or another page on our site is not displaying, it is possible that your browser and/or security software is set to disallow pop-ups from our site. This is easy to adjust. Instructions for each of the three major browsers are listed below.

Internet Explorer 7.x

In Internet Explorer 7.x, select Tools, Pop-up Blocker, then select Pop-up Blocker Settings, and enter in the list of allowable sites.

Firefox 1.X

If you are using Firefox 1.X, select Tools, Options, Content, then enter under the Exceptions field and/or uncheck the "Block pop-up windows" box.

Safari 3.x

In Safari 3.x, while at, select Edit, then ensure there is no checkmark next to the "Block Pop-Up Windows" field.

If you need assistance with a different browser or version, please let us know and we will help you figure out the solution. Additionally, if you struggle getting your security software to allow our pages to display, we will help you with that. Just call or email us through our support link with details.

Password Issues?

We're with you - the password assigned to you during enrollment isn't easy to remember. To address that, we are working on creating a tool that will allow you to manage your own password. We expect this tool to be ready for our next software upgrade, which is currently targeted for the end of October. Until then, if you have forgotten your password, we can create a new one that is easier to remember. Please contact us for assistance.

As a friendly reminder, there is only one administrator (and password) per family account. If both parents want access to manage the account, both parents will need to use the administrator's login and password.

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